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Indramayu Mango Farm (IMF) plantation is located in Rancasari, Indramayu next to the Jatitujuh Sugar Cane Factory, West Java, Indonesia. The plantation area is about 11 ha and it has about 1500 mango trees including 120 young trees . Most of the mango trees or about 80 % are gedong gincu and the rests are Harum Manis and Cengkir ( Indramayu mango). The plantation project development was started in 1996 so most of the mango trees are now more than 20 years old. The IMF plantation is intercropped by Porang trees following government spirit to make Indonesia is the biggest Porang producer in the world. Porang produces glucomannan flour which can be processed into dietary and healthy food, cosmetic, medical, and other industries. Gedong Gincu (GG) mango is the most delicious mango and considered very special mango in Indonesia. During the kingdom era, the GG mango could only be consumed by king's family members. Ordinary people were prohibited to eat this mango. GG has reddish to yello