Gedong Gincu

Gedong Gincu (GG) mango is the most delicious mango and considered very special mango in Indonesia. During the kingdom era, the GG mango could only be consumed by king's family members. Ordinary people were prohibited to eat this mango.

GG has reddish to yellowish skin color and has been in demand of domestic and export market. The ripe GG mango has weight in the range of 180 - 350 grams and the brix value of about 14. The GG mango is quite similar with Alphonso mango which has been very popular in international market but GG tastes much nicer. Some people call GG mango also as apple mango because it has the same size with apple with reddish skin color.

Gedong Gincu Mango on Bowl

Gedong Gincu For Sale


The Taxonomy of the GG mango is as follows:

Kingdom       : Plantae (plants)

Division         : Spermatophyta (seed plants)

Subdivision   : Angiospermae (seeds enclosed)

Class               : Dicotyledonae (Seed dashed two)

Order             : Sapindales

Family            : Anacardiaceae

Genus            : Mangifera

Species           : Mangifera indica L. cv gedong gincu

The nutrient composition of 100 gram GG mango is as follow:

Vitamin A

: 3.984 I.U.


: 156 mg

Vitamin B1

: 0,06 mg


: 10 mg

Vitamin B2

: 0,06 mg


: 0,13 mg

Vitamin B3

: 0,584 mg


: 11 mg

Vitamin B5

: 0,160 mg


: 0,6 mcg

Vitamin B6

: 0,134 mg


: 0,51 gr

Vitamin B9

: 14 ug


: 17 gr

Vitamin C

: 41 mg


: 0,27 gr

Vitamin E

: 1.120 mg ATE


: 1,8 gr

Beta carotene

: 445 ug


: 65 Kcal

Source: Balai Penelitian Tanaman Buah Tropika, Indonesia


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