Adventure Meeting Package

Adventure meeting package is a combination between meeting and adventure activities which is aimed to achieve maximum meeting productivity. The Adventure Meeting Package is a combination between regular meeting and productivity outbound activities. The activities include team building, team work, and leadership exercises. IMF Camping Ground provides luxurious camping facilities, maximum safety, and detailed SOP making all adventure meetings achieve maximum productivity and guest satisfaction. 

IMF Camping Ground is surrounded by Gedong Gincu Plantation with more than 1,000 Gedong Gincu Mango Trees. Gedong Gincu mango is the most delicious mango and considered very special mango in Indonesia. During the kingdom era, the GG mango could only be consumed by king's family members. Ordinary people were prohibited to eat this mango.  From Gedong Gincu Leaves and fruits, nice and unique Gedong Gincu Odor is spread to the entire plantation complex.

The facilities to support Adventure Meeting Package are shown below.


Fresh Gedong Gincu Mango 

Guest Luxurious Tent

Luxurious Camping Bed


Meeting Tent with Aircond

Camping Buffet Tent

IMF Laundry Service

Camping Rain Coat

Camping Boot

Refreshment Upon Arrival

Selfie Corner

Mix Ripe Gedong Gincu

Another Selfie Corner

Sosmed Content Corner of Mangos on The Tree

IMF Plantation


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