IMF Camping Ground

The IMF Camping Ground is a perfect place for luxurious camping and Edu tourism. The camping guests can enjoy tranquility, high Oxygen Concentration and fresh air with unique  odor from Gedong Gincu leaves and fruits. During harvest season which normally starts from June until December, guests can pick GG mangos and selfie with beautiful background of GG mango on the tree. 

Gedong Gincu Mango Plantation

Why should be at Indramayu Mango Farm (IMF) Camping Ground.

1.      Camping at the IMF is guarded by professional security.

2.  Luxurious Camping Facilities are available and a flat cement camping floor for simple family camping is also available for those who are allergic to soil or grass.

3.   There are more than 15 toilets and showers equipped with a strong water pump and a clean toilet building.

4.     Rental tents are available.

5.   There are office and emergency accommodation buildings that have emergency kits and electricity from PLN.

6.   Camping location is in a mango plantation with more than 1,000 trees with the majority trees are Gedong Gincu mangoes.

7.     Gedong Gincu leaves and mangoes smell fresh and Unique Gedong Gincu fragrant around the camp tent

8.  The air around the tent is not only fresh but also contains high oxygen as a result of photosynthesis of mango leaves.

9.     You can see and get information about the intercropping of Porang plants between mango trees.  Porang is a plant that is being pushed by the Indonesian government for export due to increasing world market demand for low-calorie food, cosmetics and chemical industries.

10. A calm atmosphere far from the residents' settlements but well maintained by professional IMF staffs.

11.  Camping Food material or ready-to-eat food are available.

12. There is a set of cooking utensils that can be purchased.

13.  Very suitable for outbound team building activities, team work, leadership, paint ball war game etc.

14. Having an attractive selfie spots for creating unlimited Social Media contents including selfies with ripe Gedong Gincu mangoes on the tree.

IMF Plantation, Camping Ground and Edu Tourism Sign

Camping Ground with Cement Flat Base

Colorful Camping Tents

Team Building Outbound 1

Team Building Outbound 2

General Accommodation Building (GAB) Is Used as Emergency Building

GAB Toilet

Management Office Building For Camping Admin


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