IMF Plantation produces 2 main products; Gedong Gincu Mango and Porang Tuber. Gedong Gincu Mango is harvested from mango trees planted in all plantation areas and Porang Tuber (root) is taken from Porang trees planted as intercropping trees in the mango plantation. Porang tree is in one family with Konjac tree which has already been popular in Japan, China, and Korea.

We sell Gedong Gincu mango product in fresh and in processed or mango derivative products (MDP). Our MDPs are made from high quality Gedong Gincu mango supervised by BHI Hospitality School or Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor.

Inquiry : 

1. Miko : WA +62 877 7005 2192

2. Agus : WA +62 877 7071 6765

Product and Camping Ground

Mango Product

I. Fresh Mango 

II. Processed Mango (MDP)

Gedong Gincu Sweet (Dodol)

Gedong Gincu Puree

Gedong Gincu Bakpia Cake

Porang Product from Intercropping

1. Porang Katak (Bibil)

Katak (Bubil)

2. Porang Tuber (Root)

Porang Tuber (Root)


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